Invited Faculty
  • Hyoun-Ah Kim
    Ajou Univ.
  • Hyoun-ah Kim is a rheumatologist working as a professor at Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon, Korea. She had studied in Rheumatology at the Ajou University Hospital from 2007-2009 and have had clinical activities including the evaluation and treatment of wide variety of rheumatic diseases including RA, SLE, and AOSD. Dr. Kim’s research is focused on acute inflammation and biomarkers in AOSD. She has special interests in the role of damage associated molecular pattern in the development of AOSD. She also works in Korean College of Rheumatology Biologics & Targeted therapy Registry. She was a visiting scholar in UC Colorado, Denver from 2019-2020. She participated in RA study focused primarily on the preclinical period of RA. She wants to apply her experience about preclinical RA study to research for chronic articular pattern of AOSD.
    Research & Clinical Focus

    Adult onset Still’s disease, pathogenesis and biomarkers

    Systemic lupus erythematosus- biomarker and treatment

    Korean College of Rheumatology Biologics & Targeted therapy Registry

  • Date Time Room Session Title Lecture Title
    Oct 23 16:10-16:30 Room C [Symposium] Visiting Scholarship Symposium Periodontal inflammation and microbiome in individuals at serologically increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis