Invited Faculty
  • Mila Cho
    The Catholic Univ. of Korea
  • Mi-La Cho is a professor in department of medical lifescience and rheumatism research center (RhRC) of the catholic university of korea. She carried out graduate studies, at The catholic university, and received her PhD.(Clinical immunology) in 2002. He joined the assistant professor in the Catholic Research Institute of Medical Science in 2006. Ongoing studies in her research are aimed at elucidating the role of pathogenic Th17 cells in the rheumatoid arthritis synovial microenvironment and allograft dysfunction of transplantation. Final goal of her project is to develop novel therapeutic agent for immunological diseases. Immune biologic therapies may offer a means of restoring the Th17/Treg balance in favor of Tregs and thereby re-establishing immune tolerance. Recently, through the discovery of new cytokines, we have confirmed the induction of immunomodulatory effects in autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection diseases, and are attempting to develop immunomodulatory therapeutics using cytokines.
    Research & Clinical Focus

    Autoimmunity and Transplantation

    TH17/Treg regulation

    STAT3 targeting

    TH17 pathogenesis

    Mitochondria and immunometabolism


  • Date Time Room Session Title Lecture Title
    Oct 22 16:30-17:00 Room A [International Symposium] Initiation or Flare of Inflammation in RA: Functions of Fibroblast Mitochondrial STAT3 attenuates rheumatoid arthritis by regulation of synovial fibroblast autophagy